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Words by the Wayside Audiobooks

We have taken these Christian Books, Writings and Poems from a bygone day, which  are a rich mine of blessing, and had them narrated by professionals so that they are clear and easy to understand, in order to make them available to those who find it hard to read (for one reason or another) and also so a whole new audience who may never have been exposed to these books can be taught, encouraged or edified through them.

They are available in a format relevant to this day and generation - as mp3 downloads (worldwide) and also as CDs.

There are a number of series available:

These audiobooks of Poems on Spiritual Themes have been brought together in order that these spiritual truths and impressions, presented in poetical form, will comfort and edify God’s people as they wrestle daily with the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Some of the poems and lyrics included will be familiar as they have been set to music and become famous hymns – as John Newton puts it ‘these are not ‘odes’, but are truths put plainly and simply for ordinary people to understand’. Some others are perhaps more deep and thought- provoking.

Perhaps listening to them being read, instead of being sung will allow you to appreciate the sentiments in a different way.

Beautifully read Classic Poems and Writings by gifted authors such as William Cowper and Frances Ridley Havergal.

The writings of men of a bygone day who were gifted of God to expound the scriptures faithfully.


All of these audiobooks are published with the prayerful desire that the Blessed Spirit of God may be pleased to use them for Christ’s Glory and for the comfort, encouragement and edification of God’s people in these last days before His coming.

How often has a book or tract been made a rich blessing to the soul, either in bringing one to Christ or building up or helping on in Him! How often may we have read some passage of Scripture and seen nothing in it until the Lord used some paragraph in a human writing to unlock its treasures to our hearts! None of us are self-sufficient. We are dependent one on another. We grow by that which every joint supplies. We need all the ‘helps’ which God has set in the body for our common profit and blessing.’
                                                                                                                                   CH Mackintosh


Christian Poetry

Classics Series

Brethren Writers Library


Words by the Wayside Newspapers & Magazine Publications

For many years we have been publishing tracts, articles and short messages in Newspapers and Magazines in order to reach people with the Gospel message.