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Christian Poetry

A selection of famous and not so famous poems and lyrics on spiritual themes


Runtime 2 hours 7 mins

 62 poems by various authors including William Cowper, Thomas Kelly, Willie Mullan, Robert Murray McCheyne, Charlotte Elliott, George Herbert, Charitie Lees De Chenez and many others.

These poems are read by Alex Wyndham, Paul Ansdell, Anita Wright and Stuart Packer.

Runtime approx 2 hours

This audiobook of Poems on Spiritual Themes has been brought together in order that these spiritual truths and impressions, presented in poetical form, will comfort and edify God’s people as they wrestle daily with the world, the flesh, and the devil.

To know that others have felt what we have felt,
Through all the changing scenes of life , In trouble and in joy’
to hear the feelings in our hearts echoed back to us, to be reminded of our Lord’s love, will comfort the soul and bring encouragement.

Some of the poems and lyrics included will be familiar as they have been set to music and become famous hymns – as John Newton puts it ‘these are not ‘odes’, but are truths put plainly and simply for ordinary people to understand’. Some others are perhaps more deep and thought- provoking.
Perhaps listening to them being read, instead of being sung will allow you to appreciate the sentiments in a different way.

This Volume contains 62 Poems by William Cowper, Thomas Kelly, Willie Mullan, Robert Murray McCheyne, Charlotte Elliott, George Herbert, Charitie Lees De Chenez and many others.

This audio edition is produced with the prayerful desire that the Blessed Spirit of God may be pleased to use it for Christ’s Glory and for the comfort, encouragement and edification of God’s people.

These poems are read by Alex Wyndham, Paul Ansdell, Anita Wright and Stuart Packer.

Copyright  Words by the Wayside, 2015.




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1  Light Shining out of Darkness 
By William Cowper

2  Just as I am, without one plea
By Charlotte Elliott

3  A Word for the Lord's Servants
By E.H. Chater

4  Not what these hands have done
By Horatius Bonar

5  In Heavenly love abiding
By Anna Laetitia Waring

6  The Head that once was crowned with thorns
By Thomas Kelly

7  As pants the Hart
By Nahum Tate

8  Mary Magdalene
By George Herbert

9  Epilogue from “Tramp After God”
By Willie Mullan

10  Jehovah Tsidkenu
By Robert Murray McCheyne

11  The Invalid's Lowly Service
Author Unknown


12  Lovest Thou Me?
By William Cowper

13  By the Way
By W. Lawrence

14  Divine Sympathy
By Lady Powerscourt

15  Himself
By A.B. Simpson

16  I Have Christ, What Want I More?
By Mrs Mary J. Walker

17  Peace after a Storm
By William Cowper

18  God make my life a little light
By Matilda Edwards

19  Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
By Robert Murray McCheyne

20  Before the throne of God above 
By Charitie Lees De Chenez

21  Inscription for the tomb of Mr Hamilton.
By William Cowper 

22  We sing the praise of Him who died
By Thomas Kelly

23  The Lord's my Shepherd
Scottish Psalter, 1650

24  O how He Loves
By Marianne Nunn

25  Jehovah Shalom
By William Cowper

26  My Sins, My Saviour!
By John S.B Monsell

27  Jehovah Nissi
By William Cowper

28  There were ninety and nine
By Elizabeth C. Clephane

29  When this passing world is done
By Robert Murray McCheyne

30  There is a green hill far away
By Cecil Frances Alexander

31  Exhortation to Prayer
By William Cowper

32  The Secret of the Lord
By Frances Bevan

33  Contentment
By William Cowper

34  Won and Satisfied
By Miss F.J Elwood

35 It is well with my Soul
By Horatio G. Spafford

36  Purchased Possession
By Miss E. Clewley

37  The Word of The Christ
By M.W Biggs

38  Meditation,  May 11th, 1661 
By Anne Bradstreet

39  It is a thing most wonderful
By William Walsham How

40  Thou art home at last
Author Unknown

41  The Man in The Glory
By George Cutting

42  Jesus, my Saviour, look on me
By Charlotte Elliott

43  Salvation is of the Lord
By C. Deayton

44  He who would valiant be
By John Bunyan

45  The Sea of Galilee
By Robert Murray McCheyne

46  Lord, all My Desire is Before Thee
By Lady Powerscourt

47  The Sacrifice
By George Herbert

48  May the mind of Christ, my Saviour,
By Kate B. Wilkinson

49  Thoughts
Author Unknown

50  What a friend we have in Jesus 
By Joseph Medlicott Scriven

51  The 23rd Psalm
By George Herbert

52  When I Survey Life’s Varied Scene
By Anne Steele

53  On my conversion
By C.A. Coates

54  Priscilla
By Miss Doris Markham 

55  Walking with God
By William Cowper

56  Nearer still Nearer
By Leila Naylor Morris

57  In the cross of Christ I glory
By John Bowring

58  Break Thou the Bread of Life.
By Mary. A. Lathbury

59  The Greatness of Christ
By Alexander Stevenson

60  The Glory of that light
By Frances Bevan

61  To Yonder Side
By Robert Murray McCheyne

62  Break every barrier down
By Bertha Mullen