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Words by the Wayside is a Registered  Scottish Charity( SC041290), run entirely by volunteers, whose purpose is to spread the Good News that the Lord Jesus Christ is Real and there is peace with God available for you through Him.

Helpful Reading

What is God like?

To acknowledge that God exists is one thing, and to acknowledge Him in the general sense that God speaks to us in creation and through the pages of the bible is one thing. But we need to know more. What is God actually like?

The Bible gives us many clear and positive answers to this tremendously important question. Here are some of them.

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Tell Jesus


Tell Him Your Deepest Pain

“His disciples came and took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus” (Matt.14:12).
What must have it have been like for the disciples of John the Baptist to collect his body that had been beheaded by Herod? They would so reverently carry that body and bury it with such affection.

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The Long Enough and the Little While

The excesses of human behaviour are often exemplified in the “long waits” of life. It is always fascinating to watch people in a traffic jam or in a long queue!

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Security in life is naturally something we all cherish.  To have the security of family, of home, of finances, of employment and of friends brings us happiness and contentment.  Parents are concerned for the security of their children; governments are responsible for the security of their citizens.  We appreciate the policeman on the street, the security staff at the airport and every measure taken to ensure that we can live in the absence of fear and uncertainty.

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Safety, Certainty, and Enjoyment

by George Cutting

Which Class Are YOU Traveling?

WHAT AN OFT-REPEATED QUESTION! Let me put it to you, my reader: for traveling you most certainly are — traveling from Time into Eternity and who knows how very, very near you may be at this moment to the GREAT TERMINUS?

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Ultimate Questions

By John Blanchard

Life is full of questions. Some are trivial, some more serious — and some tremendously important. Even as you read these words you may have questions about your health, your financial situation, your job, your family or your future.

But the greatest, the ultimate questions, are about God and your relationship to him. Nothing in life is more important than this. Good health, financial stability, secure employment, a contented family and a hopeful future are all things that people want. Yet even these are temporary and eventually pointless unless you have a living relationship with God, one that is clear and certain — and will last for ever.

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