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Christian Poetry

A selection of famous and not so famous poems and lyrics on spiritual themes


Runtime: 2 hours 10 mins

63 poems by various authors including,  John Newton, Elizabeth Dark, Frances Ridley Havergal,  Charles Wesley, John Bodman, H. D’A Champney, Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon and many others.

These poems are read by Alex Wyndham, Paul Ansdell, Anita Wright and Stuart Packer.

Runtime approx 2 hours

This audiobook of Poems on Spiritual Themes has been brought together in order that these spiritual truths and impressions, presented in poetical form, will comfort and edify God’s people as they wrestle daily with the world, the flesh, and the devil.

To know that others have felt what we have felt,
Through all the changing scenes of life , In trouble and in joy’
to hear the feelings in our hearts echoed back to us, to be reminded of our Lord’s love, will comfort the soul and bring encouragement.

Some of the poems and lyrics included will be familiar as they have been set to music and become famous hymns – as John Newton puts it ‘these are not ‘odes’, but are truths put plainly and simply for ordinary people to understand’. Some others are perhaps more deep and thought- provoking.
Perhaps listening to them being read, instead of being sung will allow you to appreciate the sentiments in a different way.

This Volume contains 63 Poems by John Newton, Elizabeth Dark, Frances Ridley Havergal, Charles Wesley, John Bodman, H D’A Champney,  Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon.

This audio edition is produced with the prayerful desire that the Blessed Spirit of God may be pleased to use it for Christ’s Glory and for the comfort, encouragement and edification of God’s people.

These poems are read by Alex Wyndham, Paul Ansdell, Anita Wright and Stuart Packer.

Copyright  Words by the Wayside, 2015.





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1  When my life work is ended
By Fanny J. Crosby

2  Rest in Christ
By John Bodman

3  Inside the veil
By Elizabeth Dark

4  O for a thousand tongues to sing
 By Charles Wesley

5  Prayer answered by Crosses
By John Newton

6  Love increased by Suffering 
By Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon

7  A Soul, in its Earliest Love
By Charles Wesley

8  Bitter and Sweet
By John Newton

9  Power of Prayer
By John Newton

10  His Never-Failing Love
By H. D'Arcy Champney

11  Watching unto God in the Night-Season
By Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon

12  I will trust and not be afraid
By John Newton

13  All must be well
By Mary Bowley Peters

14  Whom The Lord Loveth
Author Unknown

15  Abide with me
By Henry Francis Lyte

16  Whose I am
By  Frances Ridley Havergal

17  Love to Jesus
By Andrew Miller

18  He knoweth the way that I take
By Miss Doris Markham

19  All ye that pass by
By Charles Wesley

20  The Potter
By H.J. Miles

21  O Lord, Truly I am Thy Servant
Author Unknown

22  In vain or Not in Vain
By C. Deayton

23  Who is on the Lord’s side?
By Frances Ridley Havergal

24  Why should I complain?
By John Newton

25  He Maketh the Storm a Calm.
By James Boyd

26  Be still my Soul
By Katerina von Schlegel

27  How sweet the name of Jesus Sounds
By John Newton

28  Master, speak! Thy servant heareth
By Frances Ridley Havergal

29  What think ye of Christ?
 By John Newton

30  Everyday Cheer for the rest of the road
By George C. Cutting

31  Take my Life
By Frances Ridley Havergal

32  Amazing Grace
By John Newton

33  Brightest Days
By A.A. Elliott

34  Prayer for Purity
By Nicolas Ludwig Von Zinzendorf

35  The World
By John Newton

36  Rest
By Frances Ridley Havergal

37  Joy and Peace in Believing
By John Newton

38  What hast Thou done for me, O mighty Friend 
By Frances Ridley Havergal

39  The Storm is Passing Over
By Charles A. Tindley

40  Go in This Thy Might
By P.R. Morford

41  Source of love, and light of day
By Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon

42  The Church's One Foundation
By William Kelly 

43  Lord Speak to Me that I may speak
By Frances Ridley Havergal

44  How sweet the thought
By John Bodman

45  Self Love
By Frederick William Faber

46  Peter sinning and repenting
By John Newton

47  It is I; be not afraid
Author Unknown

48  How deep was the pit
By John Bodman

49  It passeth knowledge, that dear love of Thine!
By Mary Shekleton

50  On Baptism
By Nick Needham

51  And can it be?
By Charles Wesley

52  Jesus, Our Lord with what joy we adore Thee
By H. D'Arcy Champney

53  Go not far from me
By Anna Laetitia Waring

54  The Worldling
By John Newton

55  Like a river glorious
By Frances Ridley Havergal

56  Before the Cross
By Jacques Bridane

57  Song of Simple Trust
Author Unknown

58  Here Pause, My Soul
By John Bodman

59  I am not skilled to understand
By Dorothy Greenwell

60  Be True
 By Horatius Bonar

61  The Nativity
By Jeanne Marie de la Motte-Guyon

62  In Evil long I took delight
By John Newton

63  Mighty to Save
Author unknown