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Words by the Wayside is a Registered  Scottish Charity( SC041290), run entirely by volunteers, whose purpose is to spread the Good News that the Lord Jesus Christ is Real and there is peace with God available for you through Him.

Tell Jesus


Tell Him Your Deepest Pain

“His disciples came and took up the body, and buried it, and went and told Jesus” (Matt.14:12).
What must have it have been like for the disciples of John the Baptist to collect his body that had been beheaded by Herod? They would so reverently carry that body and bury it with such affection. The “greatest man born of woman” and yet so few at his funeral. Those who were there would think their world had come to an end. The ministry of the man that commenced by angelic promise, who was so faithful to his calling and heralded in the “messiah”, who fearlessly preached “repentance” dressed in camel hair, had come to such an abrupt and tragic end. What would they do? They knew that there was only one thing that they could do – tell Jesus. Had the Baptist not constantly pointed to Him: “He must increase but I decrease”? Would he not have wanted his disciples to tell Him their deepest sorrow? They would learn that He had come to carry their sorrows and bear their grief (Isa 53:4). The Saviour withdraws into the wilderness (Matt.14:13) where they would no doubt tell him of the anguish of their souls. We should do this too. Not that we have any scripture for praying to the Lord Jesus directly. Only those who saw him physically did that. We do have scripture for praying to His Father and we believe as we pour our sorrows into the ear of the Father we are pouring it into the ear of the Son. Let us tell Jesus.

Tell Him Your Deepest Problems

“But the woman, fearing and trembling…fell down before Him, and told Him all the truth” (Mark 5:33)
She had been haemorrhaging for twelve years. She had spent all she had on doctors and was not improving but deteriorating further. She places her faith in Christ and crawls on her knees in the crowd and stretches out her hand to touch but the hem of his garment. In an instant she is healed. The Saviour looks round to see her saying, Who touched me? This was her invitation – she in fear, falls before him and told him everything – all the truth- nothing was held back. The whole story was told to the Lord. As a result the Saviour said “thy faith has saved thee; go in peace and be whole of they plague” (Mark 5:34). In other words she got more than her bleeding problem solved, she received salvation. We too need to tell Him everything. We dare not hold anything back. Tell Him our deepest fears, our deepest sins. He is able to save us from them all.

Tell Him Your Deepest Pleasures

“The apostles gathered…unto Jesus and told Him all things, both what they had done and what they had taught”
They had been sent out in pairs by the Master with the gospel of the Kingdom. They had gone with no money, no bag and no bread. They had been sustained in God’s power. They had healed the sick and cast out demons. They were overwhelmed with what God was doing through them. They now come and tell Jesus. It is good when we come to tell the Lord how we are feeling in our happy days as well as in our sad days. It is good to tell our God and Father about the things that cause us to be overjoyed. He is keen to hear his children’s praise and thanks.

Tell Him Your Deepest Passion

“Sir we would see Jesus…………Andrew and Philip tell Jesus” (John 12:21-22)
It is not that the Greek visitors had not seen the Christ. Of course, they had seen Him but what they longed for was a personal introduction and conversation with Him. They wanted to get to know Him as a person. As believers we have come into a personal relationship with Christ but surely this is still our deepest desire, “we would see Jesus”. Is this not what the apostle aspires too in Philippians chapter three, “that I might know Him”? We should tell the Lord all about the deepest passions of our soul. We long to know him more, to see His glory, to see His face, to walk with Him and talk with Him along life’s narrow way. The answer is …. tell Jesus.